Friday, May 11, 2007

Items My Son Put in His Mouth While on Vacation and His Reviews Thereof

Sand, dry: "Mpph!"
Sand, wet: "Eh?"
A Guitar Neck: "Eh?"
Mango & Custard Pastry, warm: "Ma! Ma!"
Stray Grains of Rice, yesterday's: "Kakk."

Fagment of a coconut husk: "Ba?"

His own shoe: "..."
A lime: "Thew"
Sunglasses: "Eh?"
Squirting Green Spcckled Frog, toy: "Ah!"

Hibiscus Blossom, pink: "Ba."

45 SPF Ombrelle Sunscreen, one squirt: "Huuunh."

Chupon (Suess), his: "..."

Chupon (Suess), Isabelle's: "..."
Cheek, Isabelle's: "Eh?"
Hair Brush, his: "Mehh..."
Polished Stones, five: "Eh?"
Pat of Butter, wrapped: "Nah!"
5 Pesos: "Ba!"
Molar, new: "This sucks."

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AdrianaIsabel said...

Something that your son put in his mouth after his vacation: a water-soaked dog nibble. His comment: "Mmmm!"